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Phototherapy® is a groundbreaking approach to photography based on the Law of Attraction and Self Love principles. A Phototherapy®  vision portrait session is a self-realization journey that captures you for who you want your SELF to become. We’re creating a compelling vision so that you can begin to see your potential, shift your self-perception, focus on self-acceptance, and make that journey to be the person we created in the photographs.


Too often we consider only what we see with our eyes and only where we are right now. We forget and lose sight on who we could BECOME. Imagine coming face to face with that vision of your future self and foresee who you could be. A real Game changer. You can now emotionally connect with your vision, instantly light up your potential power on the inside and walk by sight on the journey to becoming who you were created to be.

Today is your day and you’re at the crossroad, again. WILL YOU SAY YES TO LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS?

Drift aimlessly and remain stuck

Self-fulfilling prophecy for failure

Self-sabotaging your opportunities

Be buried with your dreams

Living a life with the pain of regrets






Have a clear picture and direction

Self-fulfilling prophecy for success

Create your opportunities

Realize and live your dream life

Living a life of joy and bliss



“I first met Pazit at the #BeRemarkable workshop earlier this year and was immediately convinced that I wanted her to do a photo shoot of me for my new career as a Residential Real Estate Broker so I booked her right away!

First I got an email with several questions all with the aim of providing Pazit with enough information so she can help create a Vision for my Brand.Next I received a style sheet with suggestions on wardrobe for the day of the photo shoot. I brought that and more!! The experience of the photo shoot was really awesome and entertaining!

If you are looking for edgy and out of the box visionary images with the aim of making you stand out in a crowd Pazit Perez should be your go to Photographer!

Thank you Pazit I loved the experience!”

Marc Smadja

“My 'Brand Me' Vision photo session with Pazit was like no other past photography session. She created a vision portrait photograph of me for my biz based on series of Q's that I had to answer of who I want to become, what I wanted the picture to reflect and attract. She was able to guide me with stylesheets and prepare me for my session accordingly. The images were next level and captured my branding message, literally she translated my words into images. Pazit is no ordinary Photographer, she is a true visionary, artist, and creator. As a result, my images reflect who I am and have helped me attract the target market and clientele I was seeking for my Brand. I've got two words for you - Hire Her.”

Jerome SohOwner at Montreal Scooter

“Pazit has contributed to my Personal Growth in many ways. Primarily, the Brand Me Session captured authentic portrait images of me aligned with my Vision of how I wanted to be seen and perceived in my industry. Besides all the great comments I received for my new profile picture, my audience now see's me as a thought leader in my industry and has resulted in growing my business. All this began from creating a vision, to execution, to making it real. I've witnessed the results of my transformation through the power of vision and have now partnered with Pazit in creating the Be Remarkable® brand, which is about masterminding your way to success, through Vision and Visibility.”

Elie MouradBusiness Development Strategist, Passionate about Branding and Social Media

“ Personally and Professionally - Pazit is like no other person with her passion, confidence, intuitiveness, spot on instinct of what is best for her client... Pazit, all I have to say is "Thank you so much". Your professional branding photo session was exactly what I needed. You were able to quickly zoom into who I am personally and professional and blend these two together into one and represent it in a image through your eyes and camera lens... since using your photos, I have had a massive uptake from my clients as well as new clients. Your work has effectively grown my business measurably - thank you for your patience and time to make me look so good that people do not believe that I look so professional - but real.”


“If there was only one word I would use to describe both Pazit and her work it would be PASSION! Talented and visionary, Pazit knows what image she is out to capture and gets it every time. Her great energy is contagious and spills over from behind her lense. Trust Pazit to understand and capture you not as who you are today, but to create a portrait that reflects whom you envision yourself to be. Her work is truly transformative.”

Carla LaBrosseI am a brand builder, helping businesses establish and gain momentum online.

“Pazit Perez is no ordinary photographer, she captures your magic through her lens. Her work is one of a kind, her style, personality, dedication, and vision creates a visual that you never thought possible. The photographs are not only nice but rather they reflect your essence, your branding, as well as, your personality.
I would recommend Pazit Perez to anyone who's looking for photographs that stand out of the crowd. ”

Angela PodolskyEntrepreneur, Consultant, Keynote speaker Expert in body language & non-verbal communication

“One of the most crucial parts in taking your business to the next level is attracting a larger diversity of customers. Through her artistic talent and vision, Pazit unlocked a part of me that successfully marketed to a completely different crowd. I will continue to work with Pazit as my business grows and recommend that everyone from Hollywood to Wall Street do the same!”

Lena PapadamAccounting, Backoffice & Consulting Services